R&D Party and Farewell for Director

Last few weeks, several things happened in my work place - R&D of Cellbiotech. We did have a welcome party for two new scientists altogether with duck restaurant. Then after that, there was farewell program for Prof Kang Kuk Hee. He directed R&D since last two years. He is the pioneer scientist and retired professor in the field of Lactic Acid Bacteria. I feel so proud to be a team member of his R&D after my Ph.D. graduation and I begun my carrier in his directorship, in this sense too. I wish his rest of retired time for more happiness, better health and long life.


R&D of Cellbiotech Workshop

We went to a wonderful workshop last month with all the research scientists of R&D of Cellbiotech in Noblian Members club at Hwangchon, S.Korea, we had a great time!. Some of the photos during the camp are attached in this page.



Dear all,
On the auspicious occasion of our greatest festival Dashain and Tihar, we would like to extend our heartiest greetings to you and your family. HAPPY DASHAIN AND TIHAAR 2065!


Chusak 2008- Seoul Tower

Went to Seoul Tower yesterday, it is worth the trip. The cost is about $7 a person to go into the tower. There is more to do at the bottom of the tower than actually in the tower, they have a few gift stores, a couple places to eat and a great observation deck that is right next to the tower.
Not sure what the importance was, but on the observation tower desk, there was chain link fence that went all around the desk and it was covered with LOCKS? Bike locks, key locks and just about ever lock you can think of. From what I guessed it was for "Love"?
Here are some pictures in no particular order...

My Ph.D. Graduation day 2008 August 25:

Well, it finally happened. I graduated with my PhD in Molecular Biology from Korean DNA Repair Research Center, Graduate School of Chosun University. Before the ceremony, there was a reception at the Seosuk Hall right across the way from the Graduate School. My wife Partima was able to be with me for my graduation, but my parents were unable to come it in here. And of course, what would graduation be without friends to share it with? After all, I have an inspiration to those PhD students coming at that time. I mean--if I can do it, they certainly can. Anyway, graduation was nice.


Farewell by Chosun Family:

Before we leave from Chosun University after a long time of 4 yrs, Nepalese in Chosun University family organized a Farwell program with a memento. Saying good-bye is never easy to do for me! Thanks a lot to my friends and I wish you all success with your study. From distance, here is a friend who still remembers you all... and wishing you all is success in every walk of life... There is still opportunity that we can meet each other again some days in the future. Good Bye my friends!